Hermit crab food – Do you know the negative food list for your hermit crab?

Part of being a successful and caring pet owner is not only meeting your pet’s unique needs, but learning about all aspects of their care including hygiene, habitat, and diet.Food plays an important role in your pet hermit crab’s growth and health, so ask yourself, do you know what to feed hermit crabs?

Hermit crab Food

Hermit Crab Nutrition – is there something called right hermit crab food?

Hermit crab nutrition contributes to your pet’s health and energy levels, so providing nutritious and appropriate meals are essential. Hermit crabs are scavengers who normally subsist on discarded elements of nature like fallen fruit or decaying plants, and are omnivores which can eat both meat and vegetation. Because of this natural diet, your hermit crab should receive a varied and constantly changing diet—they will easily become bored of the same foods over and over again!

So what can this hermit crabs eat? A shorter list would be what they can’t! Try to feed a marine hermit crab diet that consists of fresh vegetables, fruits, protein sources, and a calcium supplement. Hermit crabs require calcium to grow and maintain their exoskeleton, so consider purchasing a supplement powder or cuttlebones to dust over their food. Avoid any produce that has been treated with pesticides, dairy products, or any chlorinated water sources.

After placing food inside your pet’s tank, you may wonder, “what does a hermit crab eat?” In fact, the food may appear untouched! This is because hermit crabs are nocturnal, and notoriously slow eaters, often spending hours taking a few bites. Leave food inside your hermit crab habitat overnight, and remove any untouched food in the morning to discourage parasites or insect infestation.

How to feed baby hermit crabs and what can baby Hermit crabs eat?

Now that your most urgent question, “what do you feed hermit crabs” has been answered, there is the topic of those hermit crabs requiring special care—baby hermit crabs. While most hermit crabs you will find will be used to a different diet, the proper food for a baby hermit crab is slightly different. Baby hermit crabs require a larger percentage of their diet to consist of animal protein like fish flakes or bloodworms, and need additional calcium to build their growing exoskeleton. Remember to provide enough fresh and salt water in dishes that are easy for your baby hermit crab to crawl into and out of, and they should grow strong and healthy!

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What to feed hermit crabs?- Feeding Organic foods to Hermit crabs

Hermit crabs love fruits, but more specifically you may wonder, “what fruits do hermit crabs eat” or “what kind of fruit do hermit crabs eat?” While hermit crabs can’t afford to be picky in nature, to ensure a healthy and longer lifespan, buy organic food for your pet at all times. While hermit crabs are not insects, they are closely related and can be seriously harmed by exposure to pesticides, and organic fruits and vegetables offer higher nutritional content for your crabs! If you are worried about fresh organic produce not lasting long, try switching to fresh produce and organic baby food—some crabs love it!

Food which should be avoided to be fed to pregnant hermit crabs

Hermit crabs are rarely bred in captivity because they require intensive effort and supplies, but if you’have undertaken the task, mind your hermit crab’s diet carefully! “What can you feed hermit crabs while they are breeding?” They will still require a balanced, varied diet, but with an increased availability of animal proteins. Many adult hermit crabs prefer to eat these off the bone, so consider purchasing a fish head or freeze dried shrimp for this stage, and additional calcium sources like cuttlebones as well.

Do not feed your breeding hermit crabs commercial food for hermit crabs, or anything containing chemicals like Ethoxyquin. This means pregnant hermit crabs should be provided with a diet free from food pellets or commercialized food. While pregnant hermit crabs can still be fed fruits and vegetables, special care should be taken to provide organic fruits free from harmful pesticides, as these could damage her eggs and even prove fatal to baby hermit crabs. Copper Sulfate is another chemical that should be avoided when your hermit crab is pregnant, and should not be present in any processed foods provided for your crab.

As a hermit crab owner, your pet depends on you to provide nutrition and loving care, so research carefully and purchase nutritious, organic food for your pet hermit crab. It will not only make them happy and healthy, but strengthen their bond with you! Many hermit crabs have even been trained to eat from their owner’s hand over time, and with love, and practice, your hermit crab will certainly not be “crabby” at mealtime!